Bombas’ Ankle Running Socks for Women Are Cute & Provide Arch Support
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Bombas’ Ankle Running Socks for Women Are Cute & Provide Arch Support

Jan 01, 2024

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As much as we love living in flip-flops and Birkenstocks all summer long, certain situations will arise where a pair of sandals just won’t do. For example, spending over 12 hours walking around a busy theme park or during your daily morning runs. While you may not always think twice about which pair of socks you’re throwing on for the day, a good pair can potentially add some extra bit of support while you’re exercising or up on your feet all day. And we came across some top-rated running socks that are just as cute as they are practical.

Bombas’ Running Ankle Socks were designed to be lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and the ideal sock for movement. Per the description, it features “strategic zone cushioning and airflow ventilation” for ultimate comfort during your runs. The brand’s Honeycomb Arch Support System firmly cradles the arch of your foot, giving you some extra bit of support. It’s a feature that numerous reviewers have mentioned being helpful.

This particular style is currently available in five patterns, including the cute new Wild Rose and Harbor Gray options (which you can find below!). Plus, every time you make a purchase at Bombas, the brand will donate a piece of clothing to those in need. If you ask us, that alone makes Bombas worthy of being your go-to for socks and other essentials. Not only that, their pieces are seriously top-quality.

Bombas’ Running Ankle Socks are super cute, especially their new styles. However, shoppers can’t stop raving over the numerous benefits of using the socks. In fact, they have a near-perfect 4.8-star rating with over 8,000 reviews. In fact, one reviewer gave it an A-plus for its arch support and comfort.

“I loved these socks,” one shopper wrote. “They don’t move on your foot and are comfortable all day. Absolutely my favorite running sock.” Another said, “I never realized what a difference a pair of socks could make in my life. I can walk for an hour in these socks, my feet are so cushioned!”

One loved the super comfy fit, writing, “Have worn these for a few months now, and really wish I had bought more before leaving the US. They are at the top of my shopping list for my next visit. So incredibly comfortable, well-fitted, and honestly the best socks I’ve ever had for exercising OR lounging.”

If it’s still hitting high temps in your area, and likely will for the next month or so, these are a total game-changer. As one reviewer said, “These socks feel amazing. I’ve only had them a couple of weeks so we’ll see how they hold up, but I’ve been doing 7-10 mile runs in them in the crushing summer heat and my feet have come out dry while the rest of me is soaked in sweat. Love the colors, too.”

If all this sounds amazing and you want to snag a pair or two yourself, consider getting the three-pack, which features the new colors and design.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Before you go, check out our slideshow below: