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Jul 16, 2023

The MediCaptain by Yaqub Najimi is an all-in-one soccer sock which provides revolutionary advancements in athletic gear to improve sports performance and injury avoidance. The product line consists of two distinct models, each catering to specific sporting needs. The MediCaptain Ultimate is an all-in-one sock for soccer players features built-in honeycomb silicone shin guards, grip technology, and innovative metatarsal padding for the foot, reducing the need for multiple gear components. Rubber grips on both the inside and outside ensure maximum anti-slip prevention. The MediCaptain Lite is tailored for casual play and can be used in any sport that involves cleats and contact. This sock includes shock protection padding, premium moisture wicking, breathable materials, and a reinforced toe and grip sock technology for an anti-slip feel and snug fit.

all images courtesy of Yaqub Najimi

Sportswear brand MediCaptain has launched its first crowdfunding campaign to introduce its latest athletic apparel to the market. Designed by entrepreneur Yaqub Najimi, the MediCaptain Ultimate with all-in-one protection is a patent-pending solution that integrates all crucial protective components tailored for athletes. The range of products is initially intended to cater to soccer players, however, their adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of sports where traction, shock resistance, and grip are key aspects of optimal performance.

Najimi reflects on personal experiences, recalling injuries sustained during his youth which led him to address vulnerabilities in athletic footwear with this range. The metatarsal region of the foot, susceptible to injuries during high-intensity activities, was a particular concern. Impact from boot spikes, for instance, can result in severe injuries such as metatarsal fractures, bone bruises, and even lasting nerve damage. MediCaptain’s response is a flexible silicone padding that envelops the metatarsal area, providing a much-needed protective barrier.

the all-in-one soccer socks reduce the need for multiple athletic gear

MediCaptain’s size range spans from S to XL. The brand has chosen Kickstarter as its launchpad, aiming to secure $4,000 in funding. Early supporters are offered an incentive — a $25 discount on a pair of MediCaptain Lite Grip Socks, coupled with complimentary delivery within the United States.

MediCaptain features built-in shin guards, grip technology, and innovative metatarsal padding for the foot

the range addresses vulnerabilities in athletic footwear

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