Nolensville Little League World Series players talk socks, being sick
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Nolensville Little League World Series players talk socks, being sick

Aug 07, 2023

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — All 12 players on the Nolensville Little League team at the 2023 Little League World Series are required by manager Randy Huth to write a daily journal.

Here are several entries the team has shared with The Tennessean, as written by the players. These are from Monday and Tuesday, after the team defeated Henderson, Nevada 2-1. These include an entry by Stella Weaver about pitching on Monday. There's also more news about changing socks from Jackson Tabor, who with Turner Blalock spent half a day in the nurse's office after getting sick. Kale McCarty talks socks, too.

Nolensville plays again at 6 p.m. Central time Wednesday in an elimination game against the West Region champion team from California.

Today we finally played our second game. It felt like forever because we had to wait for two days.

First we took some time in the game room.

We ate sticky buns, which are delicious. They are from Williamsport. After we ate we got dressed for the game. Then we walked down to the cages. I don't think all of us were in our best mood or fired up. I also didn't have the best day in the cages, either. I was kind of tight, so I stretched. Then we went to the field. We tried to get each other up for game time.

I was pitching and I felt good. We didn't score in the first inning so we were fired up now. I pitched my hardest and we got three up, three down in the first. Then there was bases loaded twice and we didn't score at all. Then we made some errors. I moved to first base, I made an error and got upset with myself, so I got moved to right field.

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We scored two runs and Washington had four at the time. I got a hit up the middle but then (we made) three outs.

They got two more runs and won. I was upset and the others (were) too. We got back and spent some time with our families. Then we went to bed to wake up the next morning for another day.

We woke up and went to watch film on the Washington team and studied their pitcher because we knew he was pitching. After we studied we went to rest and get locked in so we could play good.

We went to hit before the game. We all did good. Stella was our starting pitcher and we left a lot of runners on base in the first inning. Stella did good. When we didn't score in the second and Washington scored four runs. We didn't score till the fourth, and we scored two.

Washington was up 5-2. They ended up winning 6-2.

After, we went with our parents. I went to hit and got my swing fixed. After, we went to eat and get ice cream. Then I got some pins from the pin trader.

Today we ate sticky buns for breakfast. Next we went to the game room for 15 minutes, then we came back to watch film on the pitcher that we will face. Then we got ready for the game and we walked down to the cages to hit and we had to wear the striped socks that we got.

We started the game with two hits but we left the bases loaded. Next inning we started off with a double. We lost 6-2. After, we went to see our parents and we went to Lucas' Airbnb to play cornhole. Then we went to pin trading. It was pretty fun.

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Today we went to watch film about the Mountain team, which we play. We watched the pitcher we face and we found out he throws outside and he throws mid-70s. Then we went to practice and we hit good. I hit another ball off my ankle and it hurt bad.

Then we went to our game and we stretched. Then we went to do Lucas' golf interview and it was cool.

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Then we took infield without a ball. When the game started Lucas was dealing and he had three strikeouts in the first inning.

Then we had two runners on and didn't score. Then we got a run off a passed ball. Next we gave up a run. Then we got another run to win 2-1. After that we spent some time with our parents.

Today we went to watch film on the Mountain team. We learned about their team. After film we had some time in the game room. I played ping-pong.

After that we got dressed and headed to the indoor (batting cages). I hit once with Coach Mark and Coach Chris. I hit good.

After we hit we ran to the fields. At the fields we stretched. After that we threw and did an infield set. We had a good game and won 2-1. After the game I popped a blood vessel. It hurt.

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After the game I ate with my parents and had pizza that tasted good. After we ate I went to my parents' hotel room and my sister went into the pool. I did pin trading and got cool pins. After that I had to go back and I went straight to bed after we brushed our teeth.

Today we all woke up early because Turner and Jackson threw up all night and morning. We were not allowed to go to the game room because they were sick. We went to the fields and walked around for an hour. Then we heard Turner and Jackson were cleared to play around 11:30 a.m.

Then we ate lunch and watched film before we left for our game. When we left for our game I did not hit that good, but I still kept a good mindset for our game. Then we went to the game. I went to touch the statue this game. I did good to lead off the game and got on base. Even though we didn't score we hit the ball really good.

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The pitcher was throwing mid-70s and Lucas threw a great game.

We scored first off a Jace double and a Lucas RBI single. Lucas finished the game with 83 pitches and had 12 strikeouts! It was kind of boring because a ball was never hit to me and I went 0-for-3. After the game we got to go with our parents to Buffalo Wild Wings. I got my milkshake that I need after we won. Then we went back to the dorm and went to bed.

Today we played Mountain. Me and Turner got sick and we had to go to the nurse's office for half the day. I took a nap there. After that Coach Mark came to get me to go take a shower. After that I went back and ate lunch. After that we played in the dorm for a little and then we got ready to go to the cages. I hit really good.

After that we walked up to the field and exchanged lineups.

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Also we had to change our socks. After that we ran to center field to stretch. After that we did funny faces and we started the game. When I got up I got a hit to right field. Lucas pitched the game of his life and we won 2-1 against Mountain.

After that we moved our bracket thing and took some pictures . Then we got to see our parents. I went back to my parents' hotel and slept for three hours. Once we got back we went to go get me and Turner some medicine.

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