Socks And Heels Are The Most Unexpected Summer 2023 Trend
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Socks And Heels Are The Most Unexpected Summer 2023 Trend

Feb 07, 2024

We know, socks and heels aren't necessarily going to be for everyone, but you have to hear us out on this one, because you could be missing out on one of the cutest fashion trends of summer 2023. It seems like pairing socks with heels has become one of the biggest trends in recent months, first making headlines when more and more people started covering their tootsies while giving themselves a little height on the spring/summer 2022 runways.

But this trend comes as no surprise, seeing as so many of the most influential people in the shoe world have been championing the idea of rocking heels with a little something extra. "Socks connect your feet with the clothes you are wearing and can make a punctuating statement. I have so many pairs in various colors and materials. Playing with patterns and textures is a lot of fun," Manolo Blahnik (yes, that one) told Glamour. "And I love when women wear socks with high heels!"

Well, consider us convinced! But there are so many socks and so many shoes out there, what are some of the best ways to team them up? We've compiled some of our very favorites

We know it's summer, but that doesn't mean you have to ditch the dark colors if you don't want to. If going dark is more your thing than getting in on the pink-everything Barbie obsession that's everywhere right now, instead, pair chunky black heels with a darker pair of socks. Equally, platforms have been making a bit of a comeback as of late, and summer 2023 will be no different.

The classic heel is perfect for this trend. White pumps with sheer socks are a super cute way to get in on the fashion movement in a way that won't steal too much of the focus from your outfit. Just make sure you pull socks like this up a little more to stop them from dropping and create a more streamlined effect.

Pairing socks with your very favorite heeled sandals will have you looking super stylish as you walk the streets in the sunshine — plus, the look is easier to style than you think. We'd recommend a look like this one with chunky open-toe platforms. Put a twist on things by creating a stunning juxtaposition from the boldness of the shoe with delicate lace socks and a summery dress with a little structure.

We've probably all got a pair of plain sporty white socks in our drawers, so why not do something different with them? This quirky look combines the classic sock with bright, strappy heels, and, although the concept may not sound like it would work on paper, you can pull it off with a little confidence. A great way to bring some extra fun to a daring look like this is to rock your white socks with a vibrant shoe.

It's not just all about stilettos and short socks when it comes to the heels-with-socks trend. Oh, no. This look proves that a smaller block heel can work just as well with some longer, mid-calf socks. We love the way this look kept the footwear darker to juxtapose the bright satin skirt. This option is ideal for keeping warm on those slightly cooler summer nights when you might want to cover up a little more.

Get your mules in on the action too. Proving even the most summery of heels can be worn with socks, not only will rocking open-toed shoes like this put you on trend for socks and heels, but this color will also put you ahead of the game for fall. You heard it here first, buttery yellow shades are set to be everywhere this autumn which means you'll really make the most of your summer shoe.