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The Best Yoga Socks You Can Buy

Aug 25, 2023

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Leave slips and slides at the door with these socks that promote better traction.

Yoga can be an excellent practice to help reenergize your body and mind, but in order to reap all the benefits of the tradition-rich discipline, it helps to have a good sense of balance. You don’t want your feet sliding out from underneath you in any pose, but how can you reassure your stability, especially when just starting out?

Outside of grabbing the proper yoga mat, yoga socks can be an excellent way to give your Warrior pose the footing it needs. Designed for optimal traction and security, these sleek, effective wearables can be excellent options for those just dipping their toes in the mindful workout regimen.

To help you put your best foot forward with your newfound activity, we’ve curated this guide outlining the best yoga socks on the market today. From fully-covered profiles to those leaving ample space for your toes and digits, this list can be perfect for laying the groundwork in a newfound passion.

While I've been practicing yoga for a while now, admittedly, I'm by no means an expert. As a result, I've relied on yoga socks and yoga blocks to help me find balance in my asanas from time to time. I've taken note on how grippy and comfortable each sock felt in practice, as well as how flexible and breathable the pairs were mid-flow. Additionally, I also ran a number of the following picks through plenty of laundry cycles to get a feel for their durability, because what's the use in a worthwhile sock if it can't withstand a few washes?

Ready to take the next step in your path to "yogi" status? Let's dive into the best yoga socks available right now.

These socks from Muezna are a treat in any practice thanks to some moisture-wicking areas and excellent ventilation across the profile. I also appreciate the combed cotton makeup of these socks that provides exceptional comfort regardless of how intense my yoga flows get. Additionally, a redesigned silica grip pattern across the footbed is prime for maintaining balance and stability … almost to a fault. In some practices where I needed to keep a free-flowing nature from pose to pose, I felt the traction was almost too sticky across my mat.

Bombas socks are some of my favorites in general, so it makes sense that the quality-obsessed brand makes a damn fine yoga sock, too. There’s plenty to boast about across this impressive profile, but I’ll keep my analysis to two factors — comfort and security. The cotton, polyester and Elastane blend is ultra cozy across the foot, and the cushioned footbed only adds to the quality. Plus, I enjoy how well these socks stay in place during movement thanks to the honeycomb arch support system at the midfoot. I do caution to pay close attention to the care instructions with these socks, however. After a few negligent cycles through the washing machine, I have noticed some shrinkage across the silhouettes.

When searching for budget-friendly socks, your obvious choice is one that comes in a pack of multiples, right? Well, these TruTread Pilates Socks come in a whopping six pair per bundle, all for a price similar to other options of lesser quantity. Despite the “more bang for your buck” motif at play, these socks are also plenty efficient thanks to a durable build and impressive traction pattern underfoot. It is worth noting, though, that larger-footed athletes may want to opt against these socks, as the size chart only goes up to a men’s size 12.

For athletes wanting a little more coverage across the ankles, consider these top socks from Ozaiic. I really enjoy these wearables for grip and traction in yoga, yet the pronounced “lugs” aren’t too aggressive which allows for wear outside of my mindful flows. The comfort still remains, even when donning these socks with my go-to pair of running or gym shoes. With that said, though, these socks aren’t the most breathable of the bunch due to a mainly cotton build. There’s a lot of potential for sweat down yonder, so I would recommend hot yoga enthusiasts forgo this profile for a more ventilated setup.

With a breathable mesh zone for improved ventilation and elastic arch support for boosted comfort, it’s tough to go wrong with these low-cut Hylaea Grip Socks. Additionally, the durability at play across the textile and silicone grip pads should be more than enough for plenty of yoga sessions. All this performance does take some toying around with though, as some athletes have noted some sizing discrepancies with the listed guide. You may need to size down to achieve that optimal fit, but for three pairs coming in at less than $22, I'd think most are willing to roll the dice.

For some added flexibility and maneuverability, athletes can opt for a toed yoga sock to give each digit its own room to flex and stretch. These 5-Toe socks from Mato and Hash are some of my favorites thanks to the extra grip pattern placed at each toe. This not only grants your digits their individual space for flexion, but improves traction underfoot for those intricate poses and stances. Additionally, toed yoga socks can be great for blister prevention as there’s no room for toes to rub against one another in sweat-filled chambers. While not for everyone (toe socks can be a pain to get on and off properly) these are an ideal pick for athletes wanting a little more support and comfort in their flows.

If you want the extra traction in each pose yet still want that grounded sensation underfoot, I recommend these toeless socks from Gaiam. The toeless design can allow you to really sink into your practice, getting a great sense of your balance and stance thanks to the lack of a fabric barrier between your digits and mat. Plus, these Gaiam Toeless Yoga Socks showcase a grippy pattern at the heel and ball of the foot, giving that extra dose of security. Just be sure to use your own mat when practicing with these sleek socks, as the lack of toe coverage can leave room for less hygienic setups if you’re using a shared mat in studio.

These impressive socks from Lululemon make the cut thanks to a bevy of design elements that lend themselves to improved performance in yoga. For one, the Find Your Balance Studio Tab Socks showcase both interior and exterior grip elements that help keep the sock in-place during movement and ensure traction is at all time highs all the time. Additionally, the distinguished fit across the left and right foot promotes a more comfortable feel overall. If you can stomach the price for just a singular pair of these puppies, you’re sure to appreciate the coziness and traction within this sleek and stylish profile.

While yoga socks may seem like training wheels for inexperienced athletes, their benefits can be felt no matter your status in the discipline. For one, yoga socks can help improve your grip atop the mat, which can lead to improved confidence in tackling more intricate poses. The upgraded traction underfoot can also be great for maintaining a secure posture, which helps prevent injuries.

Additionally, yoga socks can be a more hygienic option since they create a layer between your sweaty mat (or gym floor) and your underfoot skin. As a result, yoga socks can be a great accessory for athletes taking part in studio-based courses where you don't need a personal mat.

There's no sense in practicing yoga in ill-fitting apparel. When choosing yoga socks, make sure to pay close attention to the branded size guide. These measurements often showcase a range based on your typical shoe size, so look for the cut that suits your foot best.

Naturally, one of the main benefits of yoga socks is improved grip during practice. To make the most of this feature, you want to choose a pair that boasts a raised grip across the sole, which often comes in the form of a rubber or synthetic pattern. Additionally, you can opt for toeless or toed socks that allow for improved flexibility across your digits. These profiles can allow each toe to move independently, which can help stabilize your posture in certain poses and holds.

When looking for yoga socks, you're likely to come across three distinct styles — traditional, toed and open-toed. Traditional yoga socks have one tube across the silhouette and mostly resemble your normal athletic sock profile. Toed yoga socks still encapsulate your toes and foot in fabric, but there are individual chutes for each digit to allow for more flexibility. This can be a great pick for many, but may feel awkward for athletes not used to the individual coverage. Lastly, open-toed yoga socks allow for full flexion and grip of the toes while keeping the heel and arch covered in textile. These yoga socks are prime for more advanced athletes or those wanting the utmost breathability in their undergarments.

You can also find yoga socks in varying lengths, similar to normal socks, but your decision comes down to personal preference. There's no real pro or con to extended coverage outside of your individual comfort levels.

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