Top 5 Products For Softer, Smoother Feet
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Top 5 Products For Softer, Smoother Feet

Jul 25, 2023

We spend hours on our feet daily. You may have noticed more thick heels, calluses, and dry, cracked soles as a result. Our feet are the foundation of our body, so foot care is a necessary self-care ritual after they bare the weight of our day.

Monthly pedicures could help maintain the condition of your feet, but daily foot care treatments in between the salon is needed. From pumice soap to foot peels, heal your heels in just five products for softer, smoother skin.

Lush, a vegan cosmetics company, formulated cruelty-free bath, skin, and body products, including foot care. From powder to oil, the Pumice Power is a foot soap to help buff and revive the soles of your feet.

The exfoliate soap bar is formulated to remove rough skin on the heels and toes. A bright, sweet orange oil cleanses the feet, with a palm-free soap base. Buff then rinse the dry skin off for softer, smoother heels.

Shield and soothe your heels with protective sleeves for well-heeled feet. Barefoot Scientist™, an expert foot care company, developed the heel sleeves for pain relief and moisture absorption.

Designed with high-grade silicone, the sleeves lock-in hydration to prevent dry, cracked heels and moisture loss. Wear the reusable sleeves after a foot treatment or under socks throughout the day for softer, healthier heels.

Who says foot cream can’t be therapeutic?

Thera Intensive Foot Cream, a cream ideal for diabetics, targets dry, cracked skin and areas prone to chafing. The foot cream, founded by Lavido, contains nourishing ingredients like avocado oil with achillea and tea tree oil for naturally deodorizing and antifungal properties.

Reboot™ your heels with an advanced exfoliating foot peel. The Barefoot Scientist peel is designed to exfoliate and revitalize your feet from heel to toe.

Slip on the peel like a pair of socks for a 90-minute foot treatment to remove dead skin as your feet peel throughout the week. Soak your feet in water in the days following the peel to speed up the exfoliation process. Your feet will feel softer, smoother and fully renewed.

As a final touch, the SK+N/Muse cuticle oil lets hydrated toenails match smooth feet. The oil is developed after West African beauty practices to add to your clean self-care ritual with strong, hydrated nails. Formulated with restorative sensations, the oil delivers a light liquid to dry, chipped, and cracked cuticles.