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Hayabusa Unveils State

Aug 12, 2023

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The sport of boxing has always been inclusive of technological advancements that push it toward newer avenues. Hayabusa is the newest stakeholder to have introduced some cutting-edge digital solutions to the sport. The well-known Japanese sports equipment manufacturer specializes in making highly integral performance equipment for various Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports.

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Now it has taken on the mantle to contribute its stellar technology to boxing. Pushing the threshold for what boxing gloves embody, Hayabusa has come up with a technology that is capable of manufacturing boxing gloves in a seamless and efficient fashion. But now the company would not refer to this process as manufacturing but as printing.


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The Japanese company has introduced groundbreaking technology to print 3D gloves. They designed the T3D boxing gloves with comfort and efficiency that will work in favor of the boxers in mind. The gloves are meant to absorb and translate energy during impact. They come with a double strap closure system and wrist splint support. Furthermore, they kept support, comfort, and the fighter’s performance in mind while designing them. The gloves do not have normative layered foams; instead, they fill 3D-printed resin lattices within.

The core of this idea rests on the fact that such a ground-breaking idea allows stakeholders to customize sports equipment. This ensures that the gear worn by sportspersons is of its perfect size, thereby promising safety and protection against injuries.

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The company has furnished the gloves with a thermo-regulating lining ensuring that the are hands cool. Vylar is used to make the exterior. This enhances the gloves’ durability and strength.


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T3D is a stellar demonstration of years-together research and experimentation. Speaking about the same, Ken Clement said, “The T3D boxing glove design has taken years of research, development, and testing to perfect, and we’re ready to define the next era of performance.”

However, this is not the first time a company has entered the 3D sports equipment printing market. Companies like Wilson Sporting Goods also have ventured into this area through their 3D-printed projects lately. However, the company has not brought in boxing gloves but rather a basketball-a prototype designed using 3D printers. Another such instance includes helmets in the NHL. Bicycles manufactured also using the same technology will be used in the Olympics.

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Do you think the sport will be prompt enough to induct these gloves into their daily use? Let us know your thoughts about the cutting-edge gloves in the comments section below.

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