These Amazing Grip Socks Will Guarantee You’ll Never Slip During Yoga Again
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These Amazing Grip Socks Will Guarantee You’ll Never Slip During Yoga Again

Jul 31, 2023

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Whether you prefer barre, Pilates, or yoga, wearing a pair of non-slip grip socks while you sweat it out is a great way to add more stability to your workouts. Grip socks, which are socks that have a non-skid bottom, reduce external slippage during movement to help with balance. They're legit the perfect solution if you find yourself slipping out of position during class or just want a little more support to get you through.

The short answer is no, but they sure can help increase performance. While Tamara Conlin, SVP of merch and design for Bombas, always recommends grip socks for comfort, safety, and control, you don't necessarily need them.

"I love the feeling of setting my feet free during Pilates," says Heather Andersen, founder of New York Pilates. "While I personally prefer to go barefoot during Pilates, wearing grip socks makes sense if you like to keep your toes warm in the winter or in an air-conditioned studio." They also keep traction and prevent from slipping, but they're not necessary to perform well, she adds.

"If you're going to wear socks, you'll want a pair that has grips on the heels, balls of the feet, and toes," says Andersen, who adds that full-coverage grips are necessary as different movements require unique foot positions.

Comfort is also an absolute necessity. "It is really important to ensure the grippers are strong so they create optimal function on the machine," says Conlin. "Wearing socks that support your foot and prevent minimal movement inside the sock ensures the most stability."

In terms of material, most options on this list are made of cotton, as it wicks away water (this comes in handy during hot classes!) and ensures breathability.

The Women's Health team has compiled the 11 best grip socks to use for barre, Pilates, and yoga, per experts, reviews, and editors. While most are available on Amazon, there are also options from Bombas and Tavi to diversify your collection.

If you want to add a bit of va-va-voom to your daily yoga, Pilates, or barre classes, opt for Bivolu's cute grip socks. Made with a high-stretch cotton fabric, these socks form to your feet and keep them cool while you sweat so you feel supported, never constricted. The lace design is a welcome touch, and the mesh helps your feet breathe when things start to heat up. Reviewers love that the lace never leaves an imprint behind, either.

Rave Review: "These are so cute and perfect for yoga. I also just like wearing them around the house so my tile and wood floors don't feel so cold and slippery. The see-through mesh design on the top makes them SO cute, too!"

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Non Slip Yoga Socks


Collins loves these ankle socks for many reasons, but they come in extra handy when chasing after her kids on her wood floors. "They provide ultimate comfort with a cushioned footbed, a seamless toe, high-coverage grips, and a honeycomb arch support that provides the perfect cradle for my foot and keeps my arches from tiring."

WH senior commerce editor Neha Tandon is also a huge fan of these socks. "I do Pilates at home almost every single day and I keep these socks right next to my mat because I am very clumsy and prone to slipping, especially during the summertime when my apartment can get hot."

Rave Review: "I love wearing these around the house like slippers. They are super comfy and you don't slip around on your floors. Bombas are the best!"

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Women's Gripper Ankle Socks


If you prefer to work out barefoot, but still want a solid grip while you're lunging or planking, these toeless socks are for you. The criss-cross straps offer secure comfort, ensuring the socks stay put while moving, and the open-toe feature helps your feet stay cool. Plus, the grips make it easier to exercise without a mat, so you can move swiftly on any surface.

Rave Review: "These socks help me avoid sliding when doing yoga. They grip my mat, and, no matter how my form is, these socks keep me from getting hurt."

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Grippy Studio Yoga Socks


After I bought these socks, I never went to Pilates without them again. Even when I'm working out on a mat, they make me feel so much more supported and less prone to slipping on sweat. They're cropped at the ankle, so they look so cute paired with your fave leggings—just scrunch them up a bit and throw on a pair of fun sneakers. No one will know they're your designated workout socks (it can be our little secret).

Rave Review: "These are so comfy and great quality. Seriously the perfect fit. I can confidently say these are my new favorite socks. "

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Unisex Half-Crew Throwback Sock


While these can totally be used at the gym or even just for lounging, reviewers say these are awesome replacements for hospital socks. "I also wanted something I could continue to wear once I left the hospital to keep me safe from falling at home," writes one happy reviewer. "They have great non-slip traction, but they also feel like regular socks."

Rave Review: "These are the perfect summer sock/slippers. They don't get overly warm and they are just the right thickness. They have been washed a couple of times and came out of the dryer ready to wear."

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Non-Skid Soft Cotton Summer Slippers


When you're out and about all day, having a pair of grip socks that can seamlessly transition between work and workouts is essential. These Angelina grip socks are thoughtfully designed with ultra-thin breathable mesh, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable, regardless of your activities. They also come with grips at the front, making them ideal for ballet-type movements and providing extra stability during exercise routines.

Rave Review: "These are perfect. They can also be used as slippers around the house. love the non-skid dots on the bottom, which allow for safety and comfort."

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No-Show Liner Socks


"Pointe Studio makes the cutest grip socks, IMO," says WH temporary features editor Amy Wilkinson. "Although their largest size isn't really big enough for my size 11 feet, I still own several pairs." Pointe Studio's socks also feature compression arch support, padded ankle rests, and a cotton fabric, so they're ultra breathable and have all the support you'll need during yoga, barre, Pilates, the list goes on.

Rave Review: "I am a huge fan of all my Pointe Studio socks because they have the best/longest-lasting grip of all the brands I own."

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Washout Full Foot Sock


If you despise when your toes rub together during a workout, Ozaiic's full toe socks are what you need. They allow you to spread your toes naturally, while still providing a grippy bottom. The gentle constriction of these socks is also super nice during a workout, as it allows for increased air flow around each toe, making it difficult for sweat to build up.

Rave Review: "We've only had our Ozaiic yoga socks for about two weeks, and we both love them so far. The grippers work very well, and there's just enough stretch to handle both comfort and snugness. Especially early on, leave a little extra time for fitting your toes in, but you can get the hang of it pretty quickly."

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Yoga Socks With Grips


Wilkinson also loves Tavi socks, and there's no question why. They come in so many cute designs, but they're also super functional. With help from their criss-cross design, these socks stay in place to safely move you through your workout. They also hug just below the ankle, so you don't feel constricted. Some reviewers say they're so lightweight, it legit feels like you have nothing on your feet.

Rave Review: "The straps are very comfortable and not tight! Fits like a glove! I wear a size five or six and it's so hard to find grip socks that actually fit and don't slip off my feet. I almost have every color and design so I can style them to match my outfits!"

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Chloe Grip Socks


Those with flat or sore feet will adore these cushioned socks from Busy Socks. The heel tab wrap, which offers cushion on the bottom of the sock, supplies extra comfort and protection to reduce impact and foot pain. The wrap also ensures the sock stays in place sans any signs of slippage.

Rave Review: "These little yoga socks are thick, comfortable, and have brilliant arch support. The non-skid dots are very thoroughly distributed. They keep my feet warm and help prevent slipping when I get up in the night. They are comfortable but not binding."

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Trampoline Grip Socks


These grip socks may look basic, but they're actually quite the opposite. Comfortably cut at the ankle and made with skin-friendly cotton, these closed-toe socks are designed with flexible arch support, so they move with you rather than against you. As a bonus, the brand says they can fit a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes.

Rave Review: "I love these socks. They feel great on and look great. They also breathe well and they're not too tight. Super easy to clean and dry. I highly recommend."

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Grippy Socks


For the past month, Women’s Health associate e-commerce editor Lily Wohlner has been researching the most popular, top-rated grip socks. Our team consulted two professionals for the story. Additionally, the team evaluated thousands of customer reviews and ratings as well as reached out to editors to narrow down the best grip socks for a wide range of needs and preferences.

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