Couple sought in reported child neglect case
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Couple sought in reported child neglect case

Oct 19, 2023


A toddler reportedly found roaming around unsupervised with two pit bull puppies in Ellwood City has led police to file neglect-related charges against the child’s parents.

Ellwood City police have obtained warrants for the arrests of Cheyenne Sierra Guy, 26, and Jeffrey David Fogel, 28, after a subsequent inspection of their Loop Street apartment reportedly showed it was in unsanitary and unsafe conditions for their three children, ages 2 and younger.

Police reported in a criminal complaint that a resident of Walnut Drive, about a block away from where the couple lives, found a 2-year-old child walking alone with two puppies around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

The two women who found the child changed his clothes that were soaked and covered with dirt, and they changed the child’s soiled diaper, the report said.

The child had no shoes or socks and upon changing him found that he had severe diaper rash.

The boy was taken to the police station and was fed breakfast. Ellwood City Fire Department medical personnel recommended treatment for the diaper rash. The police contacted Guy, who was identified as his mother, and they contacted Lawrence County Children and Youth Services, who requested an inspection of their apartment, which is owned by the Lawrence County Housing Authority.

Agency caseworkers and the police went to the couple’s home and found deplorable and unsanitary conditions, the report said.

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Those included a broken crib where a 6-month-old child slept that was not safe, the complaint states. The report states that Guy and Fogel failed to provide adequate care for the three children.

A Children and Youth caseworker informed police it was not safe to leave the children in that environment. The children were turned over to a relative, the report said.

Fogel was on the housing authority’s no-trespass list at his Loop Street address, and he was not permitted to be living there, police said.

Guy and Fogel are each facing three felony counts of endangering the welfare of children. Fogel additionally is facing one count of defiant trespass.

Suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty or adjudicated in court.

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