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The Best Amazon Prime Day Fitness Deals 2023

Jul 25, 2023

42 items in this article 42 items on sale!

42 items in this article 42 items on sale!

It’s Amazon Prime Day, one of the best opportunities to snag fitness-related products on sale.

As a Strategist staff writer who primarily covers health and fitness, I’ve tested lots of workout equipment and sweat-wicking apparel, and also talked to dozens of fitness experts about the best gear, so I know what‘s worth spending money on. The Prime Day discounts I’ve selected are among the best of the year, which makes it a good time refresh your workout-gear wardrobe or consider a restock on things like supplements and hydration tablets.

While there are plenty of fitness-related tech gear we’ve reviewed on sale (like the Apple Watch Series 8, Shokz headphones, and the Peloton Guide), it’s also a great time to shop for workout basics (like our best-in-class protein powders, perennial Strategist-favorite electrolyte tablets, and the yoga mats that multiple yogis swear by).

There won’t be any more updates to this post, but Prime Day doesn’t end until 3 am EST, so there are still many deals to take advantage of — just know that stock and price might change during this final chance to shop. And if you’re looking for non-fitness deals, we’ve rounded up all of the best finds in our Amazon Prime Day hub across multiple categories, including beauty, tech, home, kitchen, travel, fashion, and kids and baby products. If you want to stay up to date on the latest sales and best stuff on the internet — all year round — subscribe to the Strategist newsletter.

When it comes to smartwatches, it’s hard to top the Apple Watch Series 8, which is 25 percent off right now and the Strategist’s pick for the best overall smartwatch for iOS and the best overall fitness tracker. “If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll get the best smartwatch experience with an Apple Watch,” says Strategist tech writer Jordan McMahon.

Two personal trainers recommended the Fitbit Versa as an alternative, affordable smartwatch that’s packed with features for a variety of different workouts. The Versa 4, now 30 percent off, is likely your best bet if you’re not part of the iOS ecosystem or if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of fitness trackers.

A simple fitness tracker like the Charge 5, now 33 percent off, is all you need if you just want to track basic fitness metrics like your steps and heart rate. It also makes a great gift for doctors or medical professionals, who spend a lot of time on their feet. Danielle DonDiego, a board-certified family and obesity physician, says that her Fitbit is extremely accurate.

I’ve written about the Vivoactive 4S before, praising its variety of features all packed into a sleek watch casing that won’t look like an eyesore on your wrist. It’s currently 48 percent off — one of the best deals we’ve found on smartwatches — and is the fitness tracker I recommend if you’re planning to track a lot of different activities.

I recommend the Inspire 3 — which is on sale now for just $80 — to anyone looking to track basic activity metrics like steps, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep data.

The Amazfit GTR4 is currently 15 percent off and is our top recommendation for a less-expensive smartwatch. “It’s from a lesser-known company, but its health and fitness tracking is robust and accurate enough to cover the bases for most people,” writes McMahon.

If you’re looking for a whey protein powder, you can’t go wrong with Optimum’s Gold Standard. It’s been in my protein-powder rotation for years, and its chocolate flavor tastes just as well on its own as it does when mixed into shakes and smoothies. Right now, this two-pound tub is 25 percent off, so if you’re been looking to start incorporating some whey protein into your diet, now is a great time to try it.

When we rounded up the best protein powders, running coach David Roche recommended this plant-based powder from Vega Sport that’s currently 30 percent off, noting its “smooth and not overpowering” taste. This vanilla mix also contains a shot of greens such as spinach, kale, and broccoli.

This plant-based protein powder — now 30 percent off — is made with a blend of pea, chia-seed, and brown-rice proteins. I’ve found it good for mixing into shakes, but like other pea-based proteins, I’ve found it can leave a strong odor in your bottle, so be sure to clean it out thoroughly.

Whenever my friends or family ask me what massage gun to get, I point them to the Theragun line. I use the Elite regularly for massaging my leg muscles, but I often use the Mini for everything else. (Macklemore does, too.) The Mini is currently 15 percent (or $30) off, which is a good deal on an already relatively affordable massage gun. While it’s great for travel (it’s about the size of a journal), it still delivers a powerful massage that competes with bigger handheld models. And because I can hold the Mini in my palm, I can more easily target specific muscles by angling it close to my body. Other Theragun models, like the Pro and the Prime, are also even more discounted — 40 percent off and 30 percent off, respectively.

The Manduka ProLite is our pick for best overall yoga mat, and right now, you can grab one for 20 percent off. Three of the yogis we talked to named it as their go-to mat for daily practice. It has a slight slipperiness that’s not too grippy, which encourages you to engage more, and its 4.7-millimeter thickness “provides cushioning for the joints without sacrificing stability in standing postures,” says private yoga instructor Alexandria Brzenk.

This yoga mat from Gaiam comes recommended by Bethany Lyons, the founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga, and fashion designer Eileen Fisher, who both praised it for staying grippy when wet — which is key for hot yoga, when sweat will surely get on your mat. It’s currently 37 percent off — one of the best discounts we’e found on premium yoga mats.

Strategist associate editor Jenna Milliner-Waddell is a fan of this grippy yoga towel, which is now 38 percent off. Milliner-Waddell was familiar with the smaller-size version of this towel but upgraded to the full-size one after an unsatisfactory experience with a Lululemon towel.

Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio likes the Ultraboost — which is now up to 53 percent off — for long walks. She says it protects against blisters thanks to a heel counter that curves away from the heel.

In my guide to picking the best running shoes, I recommended the Saucony Ride — which is now 56 percent off — as a stable, neutral shoe for daily training. If you’re looking for a reliable workhorse of a shoe (or need a fresh pair), this is a great deal worth taking advantage of.

Asics is known for making running shoes with lots of cushioning underfoot, and the Gel-Nimbus — which is now up to 23 percent off — is a staple in the brand’s line of neutral training road-running shoes. As a staple, you won’t see much difference between models and you can get the 2022 version, (pictured on the far right) for 43 percent off. Folks looking for a supportive, plush ride will enjoy these trainers.

Strategist writer Tembe Denton-Hurst rounded up the 10 best sports bras for every activity, and the Paloma bra — which is now 20 percent off — topped the list.

Strategist writer Katherine Gillespie picked these IUGA high-waisted yoga pants — now 47 percent off — as the best capris, noting the two big side pockets and waistband pocket for keys.

Noise-canceling technology is in a lot of headphones these days, but sometimes you want to hear what’s around you — like when you’re running or biking. Rather than covering up your ears, the Shokz — which are currently the cheapest we’ve ever seen them — use bone-conduction technology to play audio outside of your ear, allowing you to hear cars and passersby during your workout. They’re also one of our favorite gifts for cyclists.

If you’re seeking a basic earbud to work out in, these second-generation AirPods — which are currently 30 percent off — are your best bet. Strategist tech writer Jordan McMahon writes that they’re easy to set up and seamlessly connect to the rest of the iOS ecosystem.

When former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson rounded up the best ways to recover after running a marathon, refueling with electrolytes — like the ones in Nuun tablets, now over half off — was the first thing she recommended. I pop Nuun tablets into my water bottle on less intense excursions, too, like training runs or when I’m hiking.

Hydration throughout the day is key — not just while you’re exercising. These powder-mix packets, which are currently 27 percent off, are loaded with vitamin C and electrolytes, and it’s one of Carson Kressley’s ten things he can’t live without.

This is the foam roller I recommend to most people. It’s just the right density — not too soft, nor too firm — to ease sore muscles without bruising. Compared to a smooth foam roller, the Grid —which is now 25 percent off — has bumps and ridges that get into the muscle tissue a little bit more.

The Grid Vibe Plus foam roller — which is now 33 percent off — is similar to the Grid above, but it vibrates to relax tight muscles. (And it’s one tool that can help improve your WFH posture.)

This simple foam roller from ProsourceFit is very similar (in size and feel) to the high-density model we recommended in our guide to the best foam rollers. If you’re new to foam rolling but don’t want to splurge on a more expensive model, grabbing this one for 16 bucks is a solid bet.

Prior to getting these resistance bands, I always just used random bands at the gym for shoulder mobility exercises. Since I’ve been running more, I wanted a set of bands specifically for leg exercises to stave off injury. These bands — which are now 38 percent off — have been great for activating muscles in my legs I’d otherwise pay less attention to. There are five bands included, each at a different level of resistance.

We featured these push-up handles — which are now 20 percent off — in our guide to everything you need to work from home. They come recommended by Strategist columnist Chris Black, who notes that the handles rotate 360 degrees to make sure your form is intact.

These retro-inspired minimalist weights — which were one of the breakout stars of quarantine workouts and one of Eve Jobs’s favorite things — are now 20 percent off. They not only look sleek, but can make for a killer strength workout.

This pickleball set — now 60 percent off — comes with a half-court-size net, two paddles, and two Franklin X-40 pickleballs, which Strategist contributor Rachel Khong called thick and durable.

If you have a pickleball set, but need to restock on pickleballs (which are essentially thicker Wiffleballs), grab this 12-pack — which is now 30 percent off — from Franklin sports.

If you’ve been waiting to get Peloton on sale, you can grab the most advanced model — the Peloton Bike+, our pick for the best stationary bike for classes — for $350 off right now. Its 23.8-inch anti-reflective screen rotates 360 degrees, so you can follow along with workouts off the bike, and it automatically adjusts the resistance to sync with your instructor’s.

Avoid running in the extreme heat — or poor air quality — this summer with a treadmill like the T-series, which is over $200 off right now. It doesn’t have the extra features of more advanced treadmills, but I think it’s the best option for the majority of walkers and runners who only want a treadmill for when being outdoors is too treacherous.

In my guide to the best smart home-gym equipment, I picked the Peloton Guide (which is currently 15 percent off) as the best overall device for at-home workouts. While it’s not really a fitness machine like a rower or a treadmill, its wide range of classes, connection to the larger Peloton network, and minimal space requirement make it a fantastic way to reinvigorate a home-workout routine.

These adjustable dumbbells, which are now half off, automatically change the weight increments via voice commands. Home-gym expert Joe Jackson likes how easily it switches in between sets. “If I’m huffing it during a HIIT workout, it’s easy to use the voice commands to change the weights for my next set instead of manually putting on or taking off weights,” he says.

These interlocking puzzle-piece mats are one of the surface options for building a home gym. While I wouldn’t use them if you’re lifting heavy (a rubber surface is best for that), these tiles are great for everything else. When Strategist contributor Jason Stewart built his home gym for under $700, he used these mats: “They’re easy to clean and give enough cushion for jumping rope, squat jumping, or the dreaded burpee,” he writes.

Strategist contributor Ebony Roberts recommended this inflatable stand-up paddleboard — which is now 32 percent off — as the best inflatable option for occasional use. If you’re planning to tote it on weekends or the occasional summer trip, you can’t go wrong with this top-selling SUP.

In my roundup of the best fitness trampolines, I recommended this 40-inch folding trampoline with a handle — which is now 45 percent off — to anyone who wants a little more support and stability for rebounding.

If you’ve needed a push to get your dream table-tennis setup, this expert-recommended table is currently over $100 off. John Hsu, a coach at Maryland Table Tennis Center, said the Nova Pro Plus is a solid option for long-term, multiuse durability — both indoors and outdoors.

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